To process a return, first validate the return quantity, update the quantity field in the item arrival journal, and then select a disposition code or indicate that the returned items need to be inspected. After completing these steps, you can post the item arrival journal for the return order.

  1. Click > > to open the form.

  2. In the field, select .

  3. If the list of receipts is long, use the fields in the area to narrow down the list.

  4. Locate the line of the return order that you want to post, select its box, and then click .

  5. Click > to open the form.

    Tip Tip

    To view detailed information, select a journal, and then click .

  6. Make any necessary updates, and then click .

After the journal is posted, the returned items are registered in inventory, and the form indicates that the items have arrived at the warehouse.

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