You and your customer or vendor might agree to pay one invoice with a series of installment payments, according to a predefined payment schedule. The configuration key must be selected to set up a payment schedule for an order. When an invoice with a payment schedule is posted, a separate invoice line transaction is created, based on the due date for each payment schedule line. The original sales or purchase transaction remains unchanged, and a number of open payment transactions are linked to the original transaction. You can see information about each invoice line in the form.

  1. Click >

    – or –

    click > .

  2. Click to see the complete form.

  3. On the tab, select an open order line.

  4. Click the tab and select a payment schedule for the order.

  5. To view or modify the dates or amounts of each payment, click > .

  6. On the tab, you can change the allocation method and click to recalculate the lines. If you select the allocation method, rounding amounts or remaining amounts are included with the last payment.

    Note Note

    Alternatively, on the tab, you can modify each installment.

  7. Close the form.

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