You can attach project periods to employees. Although periods are not mandatory when they are attached to employees, we recommend that periods be created for employees who will register hourly transactions. The period code makes it easier to follow up on hour transactions.

You can also attach periods to estimates. To specify the estimate frequency, you must select a period code when you create a new estimate.

You create a project period by period type. For each period type you create, you will also create a period frequency. If hours will be reported weekly, create a period type with the period frequency .

The period frequency follows the ledger periods.

Period setup

The period setup includes the following tasks:

  • Create the period types that are needed in the company and then generate periods for the period types. You can split periods as required. For example, a week that extends across two months can be split into two periods.

  • Periods must be split before employee periods are created.

  • You must define a period code for each employee who will report hours with a specific period frequency.

  • Attach the periods generated to employees based on their individual period codes.

Topics about project periods



Generate periods

How to generate different types of periods, including split periods.

Create and maintain employee periods

How to create a new employee period and maintaining it over time.

Stop a period

Conceptual information about temporarily stopping a period.