The purchase and sales of items are prevalent aspects of your business. With the topics included in this section you can create purchase and sales orders, track the utilization of materials and setup conditions for projects that may exceed budget.



Create sales orders

How to create a sales order from a time-and-material project.

Set up sales payments

How to set up invoice frequency and payment grace periods (buffer days).

About purchase orders (Project)

Conceptual information about creating sole purchase orders, or creating purchase orders from sales orders and item requirements.

Create purchase orders

How to create purchase orders.

Creating purchase orders

Conceptual information about the different methods used to create purchase orders.

About consumption of item requirements

Conceptual information about consumption of item requirements.

About registering item consumption

Conceptual information about selling or reserving items for a project and methods for item handling.

Process item requirements

How to create and consume item requirements.

About provision for foreseeable losses

Conceptual information about setting up completed contract and completed percentage methods when you determine that a project will cost more than expected.

Set up a provision for foreseeable losses

How to set up conditions for potential losses.