Before you begin working in the area of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can set default values in the form. By presetting these values, you can reduce some of the manual data entry required when creating new business relations, leads, opportunities, or global address book records that share common characteristics.

To open the form, click > > .


You can set the default values for business relations, period codes, and contacts. You can also set automatic creation of customers and vendors for qualified leads, and determine when to create opportunity records.


You can set the default values for where to store the mailing address document files; how to classify document types in e-mail messages that are received, sent, and saved; and the length of time that a document should be displayed in the documents list.


You can set the default values for your campaign status, type, groups, and targets. In the field, set the number of days until the campaign will expire. Be aware that for whatever number you enter, the total number of campaign days will be the number you entered plus 1. The campaign start date is not counted in your expiry days but is counted in the length of the campaign.


You can set the default values to create activity categories, types, purposes, and phases for campaigns, quotations, and telemarketing. Setting these values can automatically create activities when records are created.

Transaction log

You can select the entities to include for tracking transactions and the type of transactions to include. The length of time for storing the logged transactions can be defined here also.


You can set the telephony activities and any prefix numbers that are required to make an outgoing telephone call from your company.

Number sequences

You can set the number sequence codes that should be used with the corresponding references when creating new business relation records.

For more information including individual field descriptions, see the Parameters (form).