List pages can help reduce the time that it takes to complete some daily tasks in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can use list pages to view a list of similar records, select a record, and then perform actions against that record.

There are two types of list pages: primary and secondary. Primary list pages display a set of records, and secondary list pages display a subset of those records. You must have security access to a primary list page to view the secondary list pages that are based on it.

Action pane

The action pane is divided into groups that contain action buttons. You can use action buttons to create new records, perform actions against the selected record, and open forms to display more information about a record.

The action buttons that are displayed on the action pane depend on which list is displayed, your personal settings for the list, and your security access.


The grid displays the records that make up a list page. You can sort records by clicking any of the columns, and you can select which columns to display in the grid.

Preview pane

The preview pane displays information that is related to the selected record. The type of information that is displayed depends on the type of record that you selected.

Note Note

A preview pane is not available for all list pages.

Filter pane

Use the filter pane to limit the data on a list page so that only the records that meet the filter conditions are displayed.

Note Note

Additional filter fields might be displayed on the filter pane for some list pages.

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