List pages provide a quick and easy way to view a group of similar records and perform actions against those records.

Display a list page

List pages are displayed in the content pane of the Microsoft Dynamics AX application workspace.

  1. In the Microsoft Dynamics AX application workspace, click a module button in the Navigation Pane to display the list pages that are available for that module.

  2. In the Placessection on the area page, click the list page to display.

Add columns to the list page grid

Use the form to add columns to a list page. The columns that you select are added only to your view of the list page Other users' list pages are not affected.

  1. Display a list page.

  2. Right-click in the grid and then click Setup.

  3. In the section, select a column in the grid. The column will be added after the column that you select.

  4. Click .

  5. Select a column in the list and then click .

Reposition a column in the list page grid

You can reposition the columns that are available in the list page grid by dragging and dropping the column name from one position to another.

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