Click > > > to create action plans for collecting and scheduling actions to be performed by one or more employees in order to achieve an objective. The objective might be, for example, servicing production equipment. By creating plans you eliminate the need to create each action for each employee individually. When you start the plan, all actions are automatically distributed to the form and assigned to the selected employees.

Create action plans

You create action plans in four phases:

  1. Enter the basic data for the plan, such as the period in which the plan will be active.

  2. Define and run the reference, employee and contact person queries.

  3. Distribute the results of your queries.

  4. Start the plan and the actions are automatically created.

Set up action plan queries

After you have entered the basic data for the plan, you must perform the following queries to define how you want to distribute the actions.



Run the employee query to select the employees that you want to perform the actions. You can create the employee query as long as the plan has not been started.

Run the reference query to select the items in the reference table for which the action is intended. The action plan's reference type controls the tables from which you can select items. You can run a reference query as long as the plan has not been started.

You can show the items that were selected from the reference table by clicking .

Distribute query results

After you have defined and run the queries, distribute the query results as follows:

  • Retrieve the results of the queries by clicking .

  • Distribute the results of the queries by clicking .

The fields under now display the gathered results, and show the number of references for each employee.

Note Note

You can define how you want to distribute the references:

To control your distribution, you can either set criteria in the fields under for each employee, or you can define for a used by the plan. For example, you can specify that you want a customer group in a certain postal code interval to be distributed to a specific employee.

To distribute references evenly among employees, leave the boxes under blank.

Create the actions in an action plan

When you start the plan the actions are automatically created and distributed to the employees. One action is distributed to each employee according to the value in the field.

Start the plan by clicking and selecting .

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