In the setup form ( > > > ), you can create and manage competencies that you will specify for employees or jobs:

  • For employees, skills can be abilities that they actually possess or target skills that you expect them to achieve. You can assign skills to the employee resume, which defines the person's skill profile.

  • For jobs, skills can indicate abilities that an employee must have in order to work in the job. By assigning skills to a job, you create a skill profile for the job. If you also specify skills for an employee, you then can compare skills in the two profiles.

To improve organization, each skill is assigned to a skill type. Additionally, for each skill you can select the rating model that you want people to use when evaluating a person's actual level of skill, the level you want them to target, or the level of skill required by a job. This helps to ensure that the same scale is used each time a skill level is evaluated.

Registering skills on an employee résumé

When you record skills on an employee résumé, you can specify a present level and a date on which that level applies for each skill. You also can set a target skill level that the employee must reach and a date by which the employee should achieve it. You can indicate a type of skill in the field at the top of the form.

If you use skill approval to verify skills, you can signify that the skill is approved by selecting the check box. You can then select the person who approved or examined the skill in the and fields.

You can record the same skill several times as long as levels and dates are different. This is useful in cases where skills are acquired over several phases.

After you assign skills to employees, you can use skill mapping to search for an employee with a particular skill.

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