1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a journal.

    For more information, see the first steps in Create and validate a journal and journal lines.

  3. Click > > .

  4. Select the lines that you want to transfer to the invoice journal, and click .

    The lines appear in the form.

  5. Enter or edit, on each line, the information that is required for posting:

    • - The date that appears on the posted invoice.

    • - The vendor account number.

    • - The vendor's invoice number.

    • or - Enter the invoice amount. Credit is used for vendor purchases; debit is used for credit notes.

    • - The offset account must have the same currency as the field.

    • - The identification of the employee who approved the invoice line.

  6. Enter information in other fields as required.

  7. Click > to run a check that all the lines are ready for posting.

  8. Click .

    The posted lines can now be settled in the .

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