1. In the Navigationpane, click > .

  2. In the header of the form, press CTRL+N.

  3. In the form,

    1. Select a vendor.

    2. Check that the check box is selected to indicate that the selected vendor is an intercompany vendor.

    If the vendor has been defined as an intercompany trade partner, the check box is selected automatically and the name of the company is shown.

  4. Enter or modify the information in the form if needed and click when completed.

  5. In the bottom half of the form, press CTRL+N or click > to create lines for the purchase order in the same way as a normal purchase order.

Note Note

When the purchase order is created, a corresponding sales order is automatically created in the intercompany vendor company. The following fields are copied:

From the purchase order header to the sales order header:

From the purchase order lines to sales order lines:

(including item dimensions)

Tip Tip

To view intercompany purchase orders, select > > .

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