The procedure applies when is selected in the > , or when selected in the field ( tab) on the order header of a specific order.

  1. Click > .

  2. Create a sales order line.

  3. Enter quantity and other relevant data.

  4. Click the > .

  5. Select the warehouses from which inventory should be reserved, and enter the quantity to be reserved in the field.

Note Note

If is selected in the form, you can reserve more than the available inventory ( > > > ).

Inventory is reserved according to the setup of the reservation in the form, and, eventually, in warehouse line on the customer account.

You can change inventory reservations on items that are not delivered by repeating step 4 and 5.

You cannot reserve more than the quantity entered on the sales order line. If you increase the quantity on the sales order line, the reserved quantity is not changed accordingly. You have to reserve the extra quantity manually.

If you decrease the quantity on the sales order line, and the new quantity is less than the existing reservation, Microsoft Dynamics AX changes (decreases the reserved quantity) accordingly.

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