A cash flow statement is a financial statement that summarizes and provides details about the sources and uses of company cash and cash equivalents over a specific period of time. You can calculate, view, and print a cash flow statement.

Calculate a cash flow forecast

Use the form to calculate, view, and print a cash flow forecast.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select how to calculate cash flow forecasts.

    • Total- Clear all existing cash flow forecast transactions and recalculate.

    • New- Create a new cash flow forecast, but do not clear other cash flow forecasts. Select this option to view consequences of modifying budgets.

  3. Update batch processing options, if necessary, and click OKto calculate the cash flow forecast.

View a cash flow forecast

Refer to the following table to view the results of the cash flow calculation for sales orders, purchase orders, ledger accounts, ledger budgets, and inventory items.

Cash flow forecast for:

Path and form to use:


Select a sales order to view and click > .


Select a purchase order to view and click > .

Ledger accounts

Select a ledger account to view and click > > .

Ledger budgets

  • Click > .

  • Select a ledger account to view and click > .


  • Click > .

  • Select an item to view and click > . To view and purchases and sales, click or , respectively.

Print a cash flow forecast

You can print a report when you view the cash flow results in each of the forms that are listed in the above table.

  1. Click File> Print, and make selections in the form to print a report.

  2. In the form, you can set up a cash flow forecast to print as a financial statement or part of a financial statement by specifying one or more columns in the financial statement as , , , or .

For more information, see Financial statements.

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