Profile groups are necessary when applying profiles to employees. For more information, see About profiles.

Create a profile group

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the field, type a name.

  4. In the field, type a description of the profile group.

  5. Create profile relations or profile calendars.

Create a profile relation for a profile group

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select an existing profile group from the list.

  3. Click .

  4. Select a profile from the list.

  5. In the field, type the start time for applying this profile to the employee.

  6. In the field, type the end time for applying this profile.

  7. Complete the remaining fields.

    Note Note

    These fields should only be applied if profile selections vary across the calendar year. For example, if a company has three shifts in the winter and only two shifts in the summer, you can apply this to the profile group by completing the , , , and fields.

  8. Continue to create profile relations for all profiles to be used in this profile group until all are added.

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