In employees are connected to different groups. These groups include: calculation groups, approval groups, profile groups, and flex groups.

Employees are connected to the groups through the employee table.

Calculation groups

Calculation is made to validate the registrations made by the employees. Therefore a calculation group typically consists of a specific team, shift or work group. The team leader or foreman calculates the registrations for the employees in the group.

The user who calculates registrations can:

  • Override the profile for an employee during calculation. For more information about profiles, see About profiles.

  • View and approve switch codes.

  • Alter feedback on production jobs. For more information, see About production feedback.

  • Make clock-out registrations when employees have forgotten to clock out. For more information, see About missing clock-out.

Approval groups

To generate pay items, you must approve the registrations. After you approve the registrations, you can transfer them. The registrations will then be allocated to specific production orders and project activities through relevant journals.

Typically a person from the financial department or the wages office approves and transfers the registrations of the day.

The user who approves registrations can perform the same tasks as the one who calculates. Additionally, the user can:

  • Override pay agreement for specific employees. For more information about pay agreements, see About payroll.

  • Add premium lines for employees. For procedural information about how to create premiums, see Create manual premiums.

  • Allocate overtime costs to specific jobs.

Profile groups

Profile groups are used for setting up the connection between the employee's clock-in time and which profile should be applied to the employee. For more information, see About profiles.

When you create employees in , you connect them to a profile group. When the employee clocks in, Microsoft Dynamics AX knows which profile to use to calculate working hours.


If employees work in three shifts, such as day, evening, and night, the profile group can be set up as follows:

Clock in between


00.00 and 03.00


03.00 and 12.00


12.00 and 19.00


19.00 and 00.00


If the employee clocks in between 12.00 and 19.00, shop floor control will apply the evening profile when calculating the working hours.

To provide room for clocking in early or late, we recommend that the expected clock-in time lie somewhere in the middle of the time intervals.

Flex groups

Employees who are allowed to work flexible hours must be connected to a flex group that specifies how flex registrations are handled. For procedural information about how to create flex groups, see Create flex groups.

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