You can create an unlimited number of journals that have an Allocationtype using the form ( > > > ).

Before you can create an allocations journal, you must create an allocation rule using the form. For more information, refer to Create an allocation rule.

Note Note

If you create an allocation rule with an allocation method of , you must also create a ledger allocation basis rule.

Use the form to create an allocation journal.

  1. Click > > .

  2. Select an allocation rule.

  3. Select the date to include ledger amounts for allocation in the field.

  4. Select the date to post the allocation journal to the general ledger in the field.

  5. Select the action to be taken if a zero source amount is generated during the allocation process.

    • Select to create destination distributions, where applicable.

    • Select to create an error to indicate that a zero source amount is selected and stop the allocation process.

  6. Select to view the journal details or post the allocation results directly to the general ledger.

  7. Click OKto create an allocations journal.

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