A scorecard is a tool you can use to translate your company's visions and strategies into an integrated set of performance measures. You can create scorecards for an individual employee, an organization unit, or for the organization as a whole. For each scorecard, you can define:

  • What it is you want to accomplish.

  • How different business viewpoints are impacted.

  • How you want to measure progress toward the realization of your strategy.

Once values are posted to a scorecard, statistics can be calculated and the values contained in the scorecard can be displayed in a graphic.



About scorecards

Provides conceptual information about working with scorecards.

Set up perspectives

Provides procedural information about setting up strategic perspectives.

Set up a scorecard

Provides procedural information about setting up scorecards.

Copy scorecard settings

Provides procedural information about copying scorecard setting to a new scorecard.