After each work day, registrations must be calculated.

  1. Click > .

  2. Enter the calculation date.

  3. In the list, click your selection.

  4. Click .

Calculate registrations for all employees in the calculation group

  1. Click .

  2. To calculate all registrations for the day, click .

Note Note

If the calculation for certain employees returns errors because of missing information, you must edit those registrations and recalculate. For more information, see Edit registrations during calculation.

Tip Tip

For a list of employees with errors in the registration lines, click . The tab provides information about the type of error.

Calculate registrations for one employee

You typically need to calculate registrations for an individual employee after you have corrected errors for that employee.

  1. Select the employee.

  2. To calculate registrations for the employee, select the check box.

Reverse registrations

Calculated registrations for an individual employee can be reversed until payroll information for the period has been exported to the payroll system.

To reverse calculated registrations do the following:

  1. Click the specific employee.

  2. To reverse the calculated registration, select the check box.

Note Note

If registrations have been approved, you can only reverse the calculated registration from the form.

Tip Tip

If you have made several corrections to the registrations and need to restore the lines to their original values, delete all lines and click .

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