Registrations must be calculated, approved, and transferred daily. In the process, any registration errors can be corrected, missing registrations can be added, and unwanted registrations can be deleted.

Calculating registrations

When registrations are calculated, Microsoft Dynamics AX checks the time registrations against the employee's profile. The registrations that are calculated include work time, pay time, pay overtime, flex time, absence time, and so on. Calculation is typically performed by a foreman, group leader, or other supervisory personnel. Calculation groups are set up for relevant groups of employees to help ensure that the person who calculates registrations can only see information about the employees of his or her team.

Before calculating registrations, you can override the profile for a certain employee. For more information, see About profiles.

If the registered time does not correspond to the employee profile, running the calculation will point out errors such as a missing absence registration. These errors can then be corrected and the registrations can be recalculated.

Approving registrations

When all changes have been made to the registrations and all errors have been corrected, the registrations can be approved.

Approving is usually done by staff from the finance department or the payroll office. Approval groups are set up for relevant groups of employees.

Before approving the registrations, you can override the pay agreements for individual employees and add manual premiums.

If overtime has been calculated for specific employees, the overtime can be allocated to specific jobs during the day. This is relevant if job costs are calculated on the basis of employee pay.

In the process of approving a registration, you may have to enter more information about absence. If more absence information is needed, this will be pointed out in the process.

Transferring registrations

When registrations have been approved, they can be transferred to the periodic payroll job.

A registration that is transferred will be posted to production orders and/or projects. Furthermore, payroll transactions are generated for each employee.

Reversing registrations

Registrations that have been transferred can be reversed (rolled back) until the payroll period's pay transfer is executed.

When reversed, all registrations are withdrawn and any transactions posted on specific production orders or projects are offset and therefore made neutral.

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