Sometimes you must edit the registrations made by employees. This is often due to employee absence.

On the tab in the and form you can see a description of errors after you calculate or approve the registration. A typical error message is: .

Editing registrations during calculation

The following functions are available in the form.

Edit an absence registration

  1. Select the employee.

  2. Click the tab.

  3. Enter an absence reference.

Do this for every employee where an absence registration is required.

Approve switch codes for an employee

  1. Select the employee.

  2. Click .

  3. Select the check box.

  4. Press CTRL+F4 to close the form.

Add a missing clock-out registration

Sometimes employees forget to clock out or they are not aware that their registration failed when they clocked out.

  1. Select the employee.

  2. Click > .

  3. Type the date and time for the clock-out registration.

  4. Select and click .

Clock out all employees in a calculation group

You can clock out all employees in the calculation group, if a problem has occurred during a time that is near the clock-out time.

  1. Click > .

Note Note

Employees will be clocked out according to the profile. For more information about profiles, see About profiles.

Correct other errors and adding missing registrations

You can correct or add registration lines for a specific employee.

  1. Select the employee.

  2. In the pane, click the registration line you want to correct or press CTRL+N to add a new line.

  3. Enter information for the registration line.

  4. To recalculate the employee registrations for the selected employee, select the check box.

Important Important

Do not create a new journal line with a clock-out registration if an employee has forgotten to clock out.

To create missing clock-out registrations, click . Only the two options available on this button will ensure that the clock-out registration is entered into the raw registrations table. The records in the raw registration table determine whether the employee is clocked in or clocked out.

Edit quantity reports

For production registrations type you can edit the quantity feedback.

  1. Select the employee.

  2. To edit the quantity, select the relevant line with journal registration type .

  3. Click .

  4. Change the information in the form and close the form.

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