With journal approval, you can require the approval of specific tasks that are involved in the registration of hours before the next task can be accomplished.

After you define an approval procedure for a journal, the journal lines entered in this journal cannot be processed until the tasks that require approval have been approved.

Journal approval is an optional feature that can be set up for individual journals. Thus, you can work on journals where specific tasks, like posting, require approval and on journals where the tasks require no approval.

An approval procedure can contain any number of approval steps with any combination of status values. The approval steps define the tasks (editing, posting, or checking) that an employee might have when working with project journal entries.

To apply an hour approval procedure to a journal, attach the approval procedure to a journal name, also referred to as a journal setup, and select this journal name in the journal where you want tasks to be approved. In this way, the journal approval procedure defined in the journal name is applied to your journal.

The steps can be summarized as follows:

  1. Create an approval procedure.

  2. Create a journal name, also referred to as a journal setup, and select the approval procedure.

  3. Create an journal and reference the journal setup with the approval procedure.

In the journal, you can also overwrite the approval procedure attached to the journal name. In this way you define the journal approval procedure directly in the journal.

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