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Use this form to create and manage questions to be presented on a questionnaire. For each question, you can define the following types of information:

  • , or the method for respondents to use to provide their answer.

  • , which contains the list of possible answers.

  • for the question.

  • used to support the question.

  • , which you can use to display multiple questions on a single page.

Tip Tip

On the tab of the form, select the check box to indicate that the question text should be saved on the completed questionnaire.

Editing questions

Use caution when you edit questions that have already been answered on questionnaires. Doing so can affect the evaluations and statistics of the answer sessions. Consider creating a new question with the same text, rather than editing an existing question that has already been answered.

You cannot delete questions that are attached to a questionnaire, nor can you delete questions that respondents have completed. You can view completed questions in the form.


If you include a question that might be difficult to answer, you can type instructions to assist the respondent on the tab. During the answer session, the instructions are shown with the question.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View and edit a list of questions and types.

General tab

View and edit information about the question selected on the tab.

View and edit instructions and text for the question selected on the tab.




Select the type of question to ask. This is important for reporting purposes.

If the type is not already in the list, you can create it in the form.

Specify the method in which a respondent should provide answers. For closed-ended questions, select , , or . For open-ended questions, select any other input type.

The identifier for the question. You cannot change this value.

Assign the question to an answer group in the list. You can only do so if you selected , , or in the field.

Select this check box if you would like to be able to ask more than one question on a single page. If you do so, you must use the same for each question.

Type any instructions that may assist a respondent in answering the question. This text will be displayed with the question during the answer session.

Type the question text. If the question is longer than one line, type the question on the tab. You can see the text on the tab, regardless of the method used.




Opens the form, where you can select information about the questionnaire.

Opens the form, where you can insert new media.

Opens the form, where you can enter text for one or more questions to show on the same page as the primary question. This button is available only if you select the check box on the tab .

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