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Use this report to print a receipt report by:

Selecting the inventory dimensions you want to print on the receipt report.

  • Using the query to filter for, for example, receive updates that took place on a certain date by entering a value in the field.

  • Using the query as documentation for what has been receive-updated in the transfer order.

Navigating the report

The following links and table provide descriptions for the controls in this report.

Enter criteria on the General tab

Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab




Click to open a query in which you can select the data that is to be included in the report.

Click to return to the default settings of the query.

Click to set up how you want to deliver the report, such as formatting for a printer, printing, or saving as a file.

Select to change the starting time and starting date of the batch job or to set up a recurring batch job.

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