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Use this form to create and update strategic plans. Strategic plans are useful, for example, when you have many actions that have to be managed to reach your goals.

You can create your in a tree structure consists of primary and secondary plans.

Moving and editing strategic plans

You can move plans in the tree structure using a drag-and-drop operation. When you move a primary plan, the secondary plans also move.

You can edit all information except that contained in the and boxes. However, you should not edit the information on the tab for plans whose status is . Instead, click and record any changes or new information that may influence the current reality or end result. This keeps the original current reality and end result intact, and may help avoid confusion later.

Strategic plan status

A plan's status effects what you can do with the plan:

  • Started- After you have entered and verified all information, you can start the plan. When you do so, you can no longer edit the plan, start and distribute the plan's actions, or start any related secondary plans.

  • Start new actions- If you have started the plan, you can add and start new actions in the plan at any time.

  • End- You can end the plan after all actions and secondary plans have been ended.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View and edit a list of available strategic plans.

View the identification information for the selected strategic plan.

View the current reality and the expected end result of the strategic plan.

Dimension tab

View the Department, Cost centerand Purposefor the selected game plan.




Record developments, information, and conditions that affect the current reality or the end result.

Record the results of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis in a given situation for a company to strengthen the basis, planning, implementation, and follow-up of a strategic plan.

Manage the status of the plan.




If you are creating a secondary plan, select the primary plan. Remember that you manage information in both plans separately.

Enter a description for the plan.

Select the person to be responsible for the plan.

If you are creating the plan for an organization unit, select the unit from the list.

Select the date on which you want to start the plan.

Select the date on which you want to end the plan.

The plan's status. You can click to change the status.

Enter an identification for the strategic plan.

Type that classifies strategic plans.

Date on which the plan was started; this value cannot be changed.

The date on which the plan was ended; this value cannot be changed.

The current reality for the strategic plan.

End result for strategic plan.

In the fields, specify a , , and . See also Dimensions.

In the fields, specify a , , and . See also Dimensions.

In the fields, specify a , , and . See also Dimensions.

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