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Use this report to analyze the following information:

  • How project transactions are posted on cost accounts, with the exception of profit and loss accounts, in .

  • Which project transactions make up cost accounts.

  • You can view transactions for all projects, one specific project, all cost accounts, or one specific cost account.

The relationship between figures in this report and the posting setup

Cost price accounts

Not applicable - This is not a relevant combination.

Included - This field is included in the report list.

Tip Tip

By default, information on report is sorted by project and then by ledger account. Alternatively, the information on the report can be sorted by ledger account and then by project.

Navigating the report

The following links and tables provide descriptions for the controls in this report.

Enter criteria on the General tab

Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab




Open a query, and select the data to include. View the data selections of some reports in the query.

Return to the default settings of the query.

Set up report delivery, such as formatting for a printer, printing, or saving as a file.

Change the start time and start date of the batch job, or set up a recurring batch job.





Specify a start date and end date to include in the report project transactions that are posted to the ledger.

Select how to display the first column of the report.

  • Specify the number of subproject levels. Select 0 to display all projects that are summarized in one line, 1 to display only parent projects, and 2 to display subprojects.

  • The projects below the parent project level are summarized on one line and an asterisk (*) indicates if the summarized number includes subprojects below the first subproject level.

Select whether to exclude all rows in the report where the amounts are equal to zero.

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