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Use this form to release production orders that are ready for the shop floor. The release stage indicates that the order has left the front office, where estimating and scheduling is done, and is released to the shop floor, where printouts can be made for routing cards, routing jobs, and job cards.

When you have released the production order, the status changes to . You can print the following production papers:

To start production immediately, you can specify that the production order be released automatically after scheduling. No job card, route job, or route card is printed. To print production papers anyway, you can set the production status back to a previous status. For information about resetting production status, see Production - Reverse status (class form).

Note Note

You can make changes to routes and BOMs any time up to and including the and status. However, if your changes affect job cost estimation or scheduling, you might need to run one or more of the following processes again before proceeding:

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create and view a list of production orders.

General tab

View or enter information on the order that you selected.

Define batch jobs for the release of the production orders that you selected.




Define the print set up for each of the selected production papers.

Set up permanent or temporary batch job runs in the tab.

View and query the released production orders.

Define the default values to use when setting up the release of production orders.




Specify the production number to be released. If you selected from the form, the fields are automatically filled in with the current production and the field is displayed.

You can select any production that does not have the or status. You also can select productions using the button.

If this check box is selected, references associated with the production are released under the same conditions as apply to this one. Only the current and any underlying productions are released.

To release all productions in the production hierarchy when you release the main production, indicate that references should be released. You also can release specific productions in the hierarchy and its underlying productions in the same way – by releasing the specific production and indicating that the underlying references also should be released.

Select this check box if the jobs that are to run when production is released should be printed. Click and then specify how the printout should be handled.

Select this check box if route jobs that are run when production is released should be printed. Click and then specify how the printout should be handled.

Select this check box if a route card should be printed upon release of production. Click to specify how the printout should be handled.

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