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Use this form to set up the posting profiles that control the posting of vendor transactions to the general ledger.

Note Note

When you record a vendor transaction, you can select a posting profile that differs from and takes precedence over the posting profiles set up for transactions in this form.

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Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

Create and view the vendor posting profiles.

General tab

For the selected posting profile, view the tab information.

Specify whether, for transactions with the selected posting profile:

  • The program can settle transactions automatically.

  • You can cancel transactions.

Optionally, select the alternative posting profile that is used when transactions with the current posting profile are closed.

Setup tab

Specify the ledger accounts that are used in the posting of transactions with the selected posting profile.

Select an and, whenever possible, an for the selected posting profile.

In the posting process, the program retrieves the most appropriate posting profile for each transaction by searching for the most specific combination in the following priority:

Value in

Value in

Search priority

A specific vendor account


The vendor group assigned to the vendor




Note Note

If you want all vendor transactions to have the same posting profile, set up just one posting profile with value in the field.




Enter a code for the posting profile.

For example, you could create 2 posting profiles to obtain one account for vendor balances in the national currency and another for vendor balances in foreign currency. You could call one account 'National' and the other 'Foreign'.

The name is an additional specification of your posting profile.

Indicate whether you want to enable automatic settlement for entries created with this posting profile, or whether settlement must be manual using open transaction editing.

Indicate whether you wish to be able to cancel transactions created with this posting profile.

Select any other posting profile that you wish to change to when transactions with this posting profile are closed. A transaction is regarded as closed when it has been settled in full.

Specify whether the posting profile applies to a specific vendor, a group of vendors, or all vendors. The drop-down list contains the following options:

  • If selecting for a specific vendor, specify also a vendor account in the field. If selecting for a specific vendor group, specify also a vendor group in the field. Selecting for all vendors, skip the field.

If is selected in the field, select the account number of the vendor associated with the posting profile. If is selected, select a vendor group. If is selected, leave this field blank.

Select the ledger account that is to be used as for the vendors to whom the posting profile relates.

Enter the liquidity ledger account used for cash flow forecast.

For additional information, see Set up a cash flow forecast for sales and purchases.

Enter the account number for sales tax for advance payments.

Note Note

The posting profile that is used when payment is marked as a prepayment is set up on the form on the tab in the field.

Select the ledger account number to which information about unapproved vendor invoices is posted. The information is entered in the invoice register. To find this form, click > > > .

For example, a user enters very basic information about vendor invoices as they are received in the invoice register. When the invoice register is posted, the transactions are posted to the account that is entered here and in the field. When the invoices are approved, the debt is transferred from the account to the vendor summary account.

Select the ledger account number that is used for offsetting unapproved vendor invoices that are updated via the invoice register. The offset account acts as the offset account for and therefore contains as yet unapproved vendor purchases.

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