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Use this report to investigate the cost price of receipts. You can then find wrong receipt cost amounts that are financially updated. This could be due to, for example, a wrongly specified use of hours for a production. This report should be run before closing the inventory.

Navigating the report

The following links and table provide descriptions for the controls in this report.

Enter criteria on the General tab

Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab




Choose a date up to which you want to check the open quantities. The last day of the month of the latest closing is proposed.

Select if you do not want to include production orders in the report.

Enter a percentage deviation of the . Outside these deviation limits, all receipt cost prices will be included in the report if they exceed the amount.

Select the cost price that the calculation is based on.

  • – The item cost price from the form is used.

  • – The item cost price is used. If the cost price is zero, the median is used.

  • – The price at the middle of the cost prices of the item is used. For example, for cost prices of 1, 3, 4, 10, and 25, the median is 4.

Enter the minimum deviation value per unit. All unit cost values outside this deviation limit will be included in the report if they exceed the .