A configuration is a group of startup and tracing settings for an Application Object Server (AOS) instance that is stored in the registry hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dynamics Server\4.0\ AOSinstancename\ Confignameor in a configuration file. You may want to create new configurations and configuration files, save, or load configurations to support:

  • Moving from a development environment to a production environment. Change the application directory that an AOS instance points to, the database, and whether a system allows debugging.

  • Tuning Microsoft Dynamics AX. Save a configuration with the defaults, and then change compression, database tuning, and tracing settings one at a time, and save them as different configurations. Run Microsoft Dynamics AX with each different configuration, and evaluate how it performs.

The table below describes the topics in this section.



Configuration security (Server)

This topic describes how to manage security for AOS configurations.

Create a new configuration (Server)

This topic describes how to create a new configuration.

Save or export a configuration (Server)

This topic describes how to save or export a server configuration.

Load a configuration (Server)

This topic describes how to load a server configuration from a file.

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