According to Article 264 of the RF Tax Code, tax expense registers must record, by tax type, all taxes and duties that are charged individually. Before you create a register for taxes and duties accrual, which are accounted as expenses, you must set up the correspondence between tax codes, off-budget funds, and expense codes. Expense codes are placed in the register according to the correspondence settings.

Taxes, such as taxes on advertising, are not automatically processed in Microsoft Dynamics AX and are not accounted in the taxes module. For such taxes, you must:

  • Create expense codes.

  • Set up account correspondence.

  • Enter manually the amount origin and cost price.

  • Set up the settlement periods for all taxes except VAT.

  • Verify that the comparison period is equal to the register period.

Before you create the tax expense register, you must create and close a sales and purchase book for the period for which the register is created, because VAT is calculated on the basis of closed sales and purchase books. If the sales and purchase book is not created or not closed for the register period, other taxes are calculated in the register.

  1. Click General ledger> Setup> Profit tax> Registers.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Register typefield, select Outlay – Realized tax.

  4. In the Register codefield, enter an identification code for the register.

  5. In the Register namefield, modify the name of the register, if necessary.

  6. In the Period typefield, select the type of time period for which the register is created.

  7. Click the Hidetab, and move any fields that you want to hide in the register from Available fieldsto Selected fields.

  8. In Selected fields, select the check box for the register fields to be hidden.

  9. Click Expense codesto open the Expense code setupform.

  10. In the left pane, press CTRL+N to create a record specifying the expense codes that correspond to the register.

  11. In the right pane, click the Exceptionstab, and select the general ledger accounts whose transactions should not be displayed in the register.

  12. Click the Exception dimensiontab, and set up the dimensions for which vouchers should not be displayed in the register.

  13. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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