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Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.





Open the Sales – delivery note numberingform to define the setup for delivery note numbering for each warehouse.




Tax group

for domestic sales

Select the sales tax group for domestic sales.

Safe valuation rule

Select this check box to specify whether the unrealized exchange adjustments are based on the safe valuation rule.

VAT report date code

Select the code for the VAT register report.

Independent delivery note numbering

Select this check box to use separate numbering for delivery documents for each warehouse.

Credit correction

Select this check box to reverse a debit and credit packing slip transaction.

Printed printer code

Select the printer code for the fiscal document from the following options:

  • Item code

  • Item name

  • Configuration name

Excise posting

Select this check box to specify whether the excise tax is to be posted to a separate account.

Calculation of line disc

Select the method to calculate a discount from the following options:

  • from line value– The discount is calculated according to the standard process.

  • from unit price– The discount is calculated according to Polish standards.

Note Note

The discount is calculated for the unit price of an invoice line and not for a line amount. The discounted unit price must be rounded off before calculating the line amount. The option that you select in this form is selected by default in the Accounts payable parametersform.

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