Use the Fixed asset journal to create fixed asset transactions.

  1. Click Fixed Assets> Common Forms> FA journalto open the Journalform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Descriptionfield, enter a short description of the journal.

  4. Click Linesto enter fixed asset transactions in the Journal voucherform.

  5. Press CTRL+N on the Overviewtab to open the Add to journalform.

  6. In the Transaction datefield, enter the transaction date.

  7. In the Transaction typefield, select the acquisition transaction.

  8. In the FA numberfield, select the fixed asset number.

    Note Note

    The value model is displayed in the Value modelfield. You cannot modify this field because the acquisition transaction is created for all value models at the same time.

  9. Click OK. The value model lines for the asset record that has been set up are created in the journal.

  10. In the Transaction textfield, select the description of the transaction text.

  11. In the Creditfield, enter the fixed asset amount.

    Note Note

    The suggested purchase price is displayed by default.

  12. In the Offset account typeand Offset accountfields, select the offset account type and offset account for a fixed asset.

  13. Click Validate> Validateto validate the journal information.

  14. Click Post> Postto post the journal. The asset and ledger transactions are created.

    Note Note

    The status of the asset changes to Operation.

  15. Click Group operations> Operationto open the Acquisitionform and record the acquisition of several fixed assets or inventory assets at the same time.

  16. Click Selectto open the Selection criteria setupform, and then specify the values for one fixed asset, a fixed asset list, or a group of assets.

  17. In the Voucher datefield, enter the acquisition date.

  18. Click OK. The value model lines registered for the fixed asset are created in the journal.

  19. Post the journal.

  20. Click Inquiries> Voucherto view the voucher transactions.

  21. Click Fixed assets> Common Forms> Fixed assetsto open the Fixed assetsform.

  22. Click Value models> Transactionsto view the transactions for each value model.

  23. Click Fixed Assets> Common Forms> Fixed assets> Value models> Balanceto open the FA balancesform and validate the original cost and depreciated cost information.

  24. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

  25. In the Fixed assetsform, click Print> Inventory card (FA-6)to create standard forms and send the data to a Microsoft Office Excel template.

  26. Click Print> Equipment acceptance report (№ FA-14)to create an equipment receipt obtaining order.

  27. Click Value models> Transactionsto open the FA transactionsform.

  28. Select a transaction with the Acquisitiontransaction type.

  29. Click Documents> Receipt order (№ FA-01)to create a receipt and transfer order for a fixed asset object.

    Note Note

    Buildings and structures are not documented with form № FA-01.

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