1. Click Accounts payable> Journals> Payments> Payment journal> Linesto open the Journal voucherform.

  2. On the Overviewtab, press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Datefield, select the date when the funds were transferred to purchase the currency.

  4. In the Accountfield, select the vendor code.

  5. In the Transaction textfield, enter any comments about the transaction.

  6. In the Debitfield, enter the total of the currency purchase.

  7. In the Currencyfield, select the currency code.

  8. In the Purpose textfield, enter any information that must be reflected in the payment order.

  9. In the Method of paymentfield, select the method of payment.

  10. On the Paymenttab, in the Posting profilefield, select the posting profile for the vendor.

  11. Click Functions, and then select Generate payments.

  12. In the Method of paymentfield, select the method of payment for the vendor.

  13. In the Export formatfield, select Currency transfer order.

  14. In the Bank accountfield, select the code of the bank account from which the funds are to be written off for the currency purchase.

  15. Click OK. The Bank currency transferform opens.

  16. In the Employeefield, select the code of the employee who is generating the purchase order.

  17. In the Commission from accountfield, select the bank account that will pay any commission expenses.

  18. In the Intermediate currency bank accountfield, select the intermediate currency bank account where the currency will be deposited.

  19. In the bank/Exchangefield, select either Bankor Exchange.

  20. In the Currencyfield, select the code of the currency being purchased.

  21. Select the Documentcheck box to print the document.

  22. Click OKto generate the currency purchase order. The payment status changes to Sent.

  23. Click Functions, and then click Void payment orderto void a payment order.

  24. Click Post, and then select Postagain to post the journal. A transaction is generated for the bank account, vendor bank, and accounting transactions to write off the rubles from the ruble account to the transit account.

    Note Note

    After the currency has reached the bank account from the transit account, register the incoming payment from the vendor bank. When the payment is posted, the currency total is written off from the transit account to the currency account. Any profit or loss in the transit account is written off to the profit or loss account during the vendor bank settlement.

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