In accordance with Eastern Europe accounting requirements, you can set up cash account operations to automate receipt and expenditure processes. You also can set up automation processes to create cash documents and print reports.

You can perform the following cash operations:

  • Account for the receipt and expenditure of available cash assets.

  • Create and store cash reimbursement slips, cash disbursement slips, and a journal of cash slips registration.

  • Control the maximum amount of cash allowed for operations with counteragents.

  • Create cash operations in various currencies.

  • Convert amounts of cash operations in foreign currencies into the default currency to provide accounting reporting.

  • Generate cashbook and cashier's reports.

  1. Click Bank> Setup> Parametersto open the Bank parametersform.

    Note Note

    For more information, see "Bank Parameters (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  2. On the Banktab, in the Exchange differences typefield, select one of the following methods for calculation of exchange differences:

    • FIFO- Settle expenditure transactions that have an earlier transaction date, with earlier receipt transactions, according to the first in, first out principle.

    • LIFO- Settle expenditure transactions that have a later transaction date, with later receipt transactions, according to the last in, first out principle.

    Note Note

    Only those bank transactions which have the same registration currency code are settled.

  3. On the Cashtab, in the Cashfield, select the default cash account code.

  4. In the Cash postingfield, select the default cash posting profile code.

  5. In the Country-specific formfield, select the required format for the report layout.

  6. In the Check for voucher usedfield, select the method of processing cash documents with duplicate numbers:

    • Reject duplicate

    • Reject copies within fiscal year

    • Accept duplicates

    • Warn in case of duplicates

  7. In the Check operations limitfield, specify the type of message to display when the limit for operations with counteragents is exceeded:

    • Accept– Exceeding the limit is allowed.

    • Warning– Exceeding the limit is allowed, but a warning message is displayed. The operation will be posted.

    • Error– Exceeding the limit is not allowed and an error message is displayed. The operation will not be posted.

  8. In the Validation methodfield, select the validation method to control how limit amounts are exceeded for operations:

    • Operation– Per each transaction.

    • Contract (agreement)– Per each transaction with a specified contract with counteragent.

  9. In the Operations limitfield, enter the maximum cash amount allowed for operations with counteragents.

  10. Select the Posting on earlier datecheck box to allow cash transactions to be posted on a date that is earlier than the last date of cash transaction.

  11. Select the Use confirm statuscheck box to use the additional confirmed status when approving the procedures for the cash documents.

  12. On the Number sequencetab, select the following number sequence codes:

    • In the Cash - Exchange adjustmentfield – Cash exchange adjustment voucher numbering.

    • In the Cash reimbursement slipsfield – Cash reimbursement slips numbering.

    • In the Cash disbursement slipsfield – Cash disbursement slips numbering.

    • In the Report numberfield – Cash reports numbering.

    • In the Cash correction vouchersfield - Cash correction vouchers numbering.

    • In the Cash reportfield – Cash report numbering.

  13. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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