1. Click Accounts receivable> Common Forms> Sales Order Detailsto open the Sales orderform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new sales order, and enter the required details.

    Note Note

    For more information, see "Sales orders (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  3. In the lower pane, click Dimension.

  4. In the Warehousefield, select the warehouse with the type External Inventory.

    Note Note

    When working with external inventory, you reserve items for sale and then purchase them from the external inventory.

  5. Click Inventory> Reservationto open the External inventory on-handform.

    Note Note

    You can view the external inventory dimensions for the selected item in this form.

  6. On the Reserve lottab, in the Quantityfield, enter the quantity of the items to be reserved.

    Note Note

    You cannot reserve more than the quantity available in the Sales orderform.

  7. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

  8. In the Sales orderform, click Functions(upper pane) > Purchase from external inventoryto create a purchase order for the reserved quantity of the item.

  9. Click OKto print an external inventory delivery note.

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