You can use payroll journals to create non-recurring accruals and deductions for employees. The lines in the journals are maintained either for specific employees or for groups of employees.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Calculation procedures> Payroll journal> Payroll journalto open the Payroll journalform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Namefield, select the journal name.

    Note Note

    The Journal numberfield is automatically populated with a unique journal number in accordance with the number sequence specified for payroll journals in the Payroll parametersform.

  4. In the Descriptionfield, enter a description text for the payroll journal.

  5. Click Linesto open the Payroll journals linesform.

  6. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  7. In the Datefield, enter the accrual or deduction date.

  8. In the Line typefield, select the line type from the following options:

    • Employee

    • Group

    Note Note

    When you select Group, the payroll lines with the same pay type and amount for all employees in the group are created when you post the payroll journal.

  9. In the Codefield, select an employee or group code, depending on the line type.

  10. In the Pay typefield, select the pay type to be used for recording accruals and deductions.

    Note Note

    The text for the accrual or deduction transaction is displayed in the Transaction textfield. You can modify the description if necessary.

  11. In the Qtyfield, enter the number of units for the pay type.

    Note Note

    In the Ratefield, you can modify the value by which the number of units is to be multiplied to obtain accrual and deduction amounts.

  12. In the Amountfield, enter the accrual or deduction amount.

    Note Note

    The Amountfield is updated automatically if you enter values in the Qtyand Ratefields. The Qty, Rate, Percent, and Amountfields are available depending on the pay type that you set up in the Pay type setupform. The Percentfield is automatically activated if the Percent valueis activated for the selected pay type.

  13. Click Validate, and then click OKto validate the payroll journal.

  14. Click Postto open the Post journalform.

  15. Select the Transfer all posting errors to a new journalcheck box to specify whether the incorrect lines are to be transferred to a new journal.

  16. Click OKto post the payroll journal.

  17. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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