You can use the Vacation typesform to set up codes for the types of vacation taken by an employee, and then use these details in vacation resolutions.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Staff administration> Setup> Vacation typesto open the Vacation typesform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new vacation type code.

  3. In the Type of vacationfield, enter a code for the vacation type.

  4. In the Descriptionfield, enter a description of the vacation type.

  5. In the Vacation typefield, select the type of vacation as Basicor Additional/optional.

  6. In the Time codefield, select the time code for the specified vacation time.

    Note Note

    The selected vacation type will be displayed with this time code in the Time sheet (daily)and Time sheet totalsforms.

  7. In the Calculation method codefield, select the code for the vacation calculation method.

  8. On the Generaltab, select the Unpaid vacationcheck box to transfer the information about unpaid vacation to the pension fund.

  9. In the Sequencefield, select the sequence code for vacation calculation.

  10. In the Durationfield, select the amount of vacation that is granted for each month of seniority.

  11. Select the Ignore in seniority calculationcheck box if you do not want to include the days granted in the total seniority calculation for the selected vacation type.

  12. Select the Calculation of compensationcheck box to include the accrued vacation time that has not been used by the employee as part of the employee's severance pay at dismissal.

  13. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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