When an employee is recruited, transferred, or dismissed, a corresponding resolution must be created and posted. You can use the Historyform to view the history of such staff movement resolutions pertaining to an employee.

Note Note

You cannot enter, change, or delete data in the Historyform. The lines in the staff resolutions history are generated as a result of posting recruitment, transfer, or dismissal resolutions in the relevant forms.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Common Forms> Employee tableto open the Employeesform.

  2. Select the employee, and then click Affiliation> Historyto open the Historyform.

  3. On the Overviewtab, view the journal type, employee name, department code, position, start date, and end date for every recruitment, transfer, or dismissal resolution for the employee.

  4. Click the Recruiting, Transfer, or Dismissaltab to view the corresponding details about the selected resolution type.

    Note Note

    The corresponding details are available under Recruiting, Transfer, or Dismissaltab, based on the resolution type of a particular history line.

  5. Click Resolutionsto open the Recruiting resolutionsform, and then view the original recruitment, transfer, or dismissal resolution that forms the basis for the current history line.

    Note Note

    Depending on the selected type of resolution, you can open the Recruiting resolutions, Transfer resolutions, or Dismissal resolutionsform and view the details.

  6. Press CTRL+S or close the selected resolutions form.

  7. Press CTRL+S or close the Historyform.

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