You use deposit slips to deposit a number of payments in a journal into bank accounts. The transactions for which you select the check box appear on a separate deposit slip for each bank account.

  1. Click > > , create a journal, and then click to open the form.


    Use another journal, for example, click > > , create a payment journal, and then click to open the form.

  2. Create payment lines with information about the customer accounts and the amounts. Enter as the offset account on each line the correct bank account for deposit of the payment. For more information about entering journal lines or payment lines, see Create and validate a journal and journal linesand Enter and post an incoming payment.

  3. On the tab, select the check box for all the payment lines that are to be included in a bank deposit slip.

  4. For each payment line, click the tab in the form.

    – or–

    Click the tab in the form.

  5. Select the bank transaction type that is set up for bank deposits. For more information, see the description for the field in Bank transaction type (form).

  6. For each payment line, enter a reference that pertains to it in the field.

  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for all the payment lines for which you have selected the check box.

    Note Note

    Some companies set up payment control parameters on methods of payment to ensure that all payment lines are entered on a deposit slip. For more information, see Customer methods of payment (form), and view the tab on the form.

  8. Click , and then click .

  9. To prepare a printout of the deposit slips, click > , select the date that you want to appear on the deposit slips, and click OK.

  10. A dialog box appears for each bank account that is listed as an offset account on the journal lines for which you have selected the check box. In each dialog box, click OKto print a copy of the deposit slip for the specific bank account.

  11. When the deposit slips are printed, observe that the deposit slip number is entered in the field on the tab in the form for the lines that are included on a deposit slip.

    Note Note

    To view all the deposit slips to a bank account, click > > > . In this form, you can cancel a payment transaction on a deposit slip, for example, if a check from a customer does not clear.

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