You can record information related to people who are seeking employment with the company, or people whom you have contacted for recruiting purposes. You can reuse the information if the person applies more than once.

For each applicant, you can record information from their:

  • - For example, the position for which they have applied and the media to which they responded.

  • - For example, the applicant's education, skills, professional experience, and positions of trust.

When you create an applicant, they are also created automatically in the network and can therefore be included in a skill mapping search.

Hire Applicants

To hire an applicant, click the button in the form. However, the application's must be either , , or . When an applicant or contact person is hired, their résumé information is available from the form.

Delete applicants

You can delete applicants if you have not yet recorded their application.

To delete an applicant for whom an application has been created, use the Wizard ( > > > ).

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