If journals are approved by a user other than the one who enters the journal lines, an approval system can be set up. The posting function will be unavailable until the approver has approved the journal. If the journal is rejected instead of approved, it cannot be posted. You can view the approval history on the tab of the and forms. For more information, see Set up financial journal approvals.

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The manual approval system can be used in most of the forms and in the lines of the journals. To open the form, which contains the journal lines, click in the journal.

Submit a journal for approval

A user enters data in the journal for which the approval system is set up. The button is unavailable until the journal has been approved.

  1. Open a form and select a journal name for which the approval system is active.

  2. Click and create journal lines. For more information, see Create and validate a journal and journal lines.

  3. Select the journal lines that are ready for approval, click , and then click .

Approve a journal

A member of the user group that was designated in the form can approve the journal.

  1. In the same form (or the same form), click , and then click to approve the journal.

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    If the journal contains errors, click . The journal then can be corrected and submitted again for approval.

  2. Click to post the journal lines or the journal.

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