A journal is a chronological list of transactions, in the form of debits and credits, for a particular account or group of accounts.

The journals in the section include the and several journals that are related to fixed asset functionality.

You find journals in all of the main modules. You set up and use the according to the same principles that govern all journals in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In the journals, you prepare manual transactions in a type of worksheet. You can create entries, but you do not have to post them immediately. The lines of the journal can be reviewed, changed, verified, and approved before they are posted and become actual transactions in ledger accounts.

The following topics provide information about setting up and maintaining journals:

Create ledger accrual transactions

Post and print a journal or journal lines

Post multiple journals

Delete posted ledger journals

Set up financial journal approvals

Set up General ledger workflow

Set up posting restrictions

Approve a journal

Journal types