You can use absence journals to post absence registrations for individual or multiple employees. Absence journals can be posted by the employee or by an absence administrator:

  • Employee - Click to register your own absences.

  • Administrator - Click > > to register absences for other employees.

Before you can post an absence:

  • Each employee must be assigned to an .

  • The date on which the employees start recording absence must be defined. (Click > > ).

  • One or more absence journals must exist for each employee.

Creating absence journals

When you create absence journals, the number of journals and the period for which they are created is dependant on the assigned to each employee.

Creating open-ended absences

An absence registration can be marked as open if the end date of the absence is uncertain at the time of registration. In , enter the absence information and click .

You must close all open absence registrations before you can post absences for dates after an open absence record. To do so, in , select the open absence record and click . You can then add additional dates if necessary. The registration is included when the absence journal is posted.

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