Absence functionalities help you to:

  • Manage and apply registration rules that control past and future absence registration.

  • Register past and future absences.

  • Manage analyses of registered absences.

Define registration rules

Click > > > to define common reasons for absences. For each absence code, you can also create validations that control the:

  • Maximum number of consecutive absences during a period.

  • Length of the validation period.

  • Colors you want to associate with your codes. The colors you assign are used to help quickly identify the reason for an absence in the form.

Structure the registration process

Click > > > to create setups that govern:

  • The period in which the employees to whom you assign the set up can register absences.

  • The person who approves absence registrations.

  • Whether absence is to be recorded in terms of days or hours.

Set flexible registration periods by selecting in the field. This enables the person assigned to the absence setup to register absence as needed, and reduces the frequency with which absence journals must be created.

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