The form provides you with an at-a-glance status update for the various scheduled service activities and with tools for tracking general service order flow in your company.

Tip Tip

To view details about a service activity, select it in the Gantt chart at the top of the form, right click it, and then select from the pop-up menu.

Using the tools on this form, you can sort service orders by date, priority, or type of service activity, view the priority levels that are assigned to service orders, and review which activities are assigned to individual service orders.

If you need to redistribute service activity assignments, you can move the graphical representation of a service activity to assign it to a different employee or different date and time.


While monitoring the day's service activity, you notice that John, a service technician, is running behind schedule on assigned service calls, and that the last call in his list must be completed by the end of the day in order to meet its service level agreement requirements. Using the drag-and-drop functionality of the Gantt chart, you can reassign that service call to Meg, who has completed her own service calls ahead of schedule.

Open the Dispatch board form

To open the form, click > > .

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