Refer to the following information to complete closing procedures at the end of a period. You are not required to complete all of the following steps. The modules that your company uses and options that are selected in the form and the form might prevent you from completing specific steps.

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Complete month-end procedures after you've completed other procedures that might generate ledger transactions.

  1. Post all open journal vouchers for the month in all relevant modules.

  2. Complete any batch posting routines in and .

  3. Complete the following processes.

    1. Calculate interest. See Interest calculation (class form).

    2. Create collection letters. See Creation of collection letter (class form).

    3. Process exchange adjustments in the form. See Perform a ledger exchange adjustment.

    4. Process payment jobs in and . See Customer paymentsand Vendor payments.

  4. Complete closing and adjustment processes in . See Closing and adjustment (form).

  5. Post and adjust transactions. See Adjust transactions.

  6. Complete monthly procedures. See Monthly closing in ledger.

You also can print reports, such as account statements and aging reports.

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