Create and manage the tasks or activities for which an employee is responsible. Actions contain information about:

  • What is to be done?

  • Who is responsible for ensuring that it is done?

  • Who or what the action is to be carried out on?

  • When the action is to be carried out?

  • What was the outcome of the action?

Create an action

Actions can be created:

  • Individually in . These are actions executed by a single employee, and are not part of a larger action plan or strategic plan.

  • Mass-created by clicking in the form, or by clicking > > .

  • Directly from any form for which you have created a reference type. For more information, see About reference types.

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook from an action

When you have started an action, you can:

  • Click to send an e-mail to the of the action, the action's , or .

  • Click to schedule the action directly in your own Outlook or .

Record a response to an action

When an action is complete, click to provide the end result of the action. You can choose a predefined that is affiliated with the , and you can supplement the with an additional . Once you record a response, nothing more can be done with the action.

However, an action can be a part of a linked chain of actions. When you select a , it can automatically result in a new action. For example, if you respond to the action Employment interview with the response type , this can lead to the creation of a new action of the type Send employment contract.

Setup Prerequisites

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