Use this information to enter the required information for a vendor payment that is subject to withholding tax. For example, in Italy, the buyer must withhold tax from payments for vendor invoices and remit the tax to the tax authority. In Australia, withholding tax must be withheld if a vendor does not provide an Australian Business Number. For more information about vendor payments, see Pay a vendor invoice, Pay vendor invoices by using a payment proposal, and Select invoices to pay on behalf of multiple companies.

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When you post a payment or payment reversal for an invoice in another company (intercompany settlement), the withholding tax transaction information is based on the vendor of the invoice, and is posted in the invoice company.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a journal, and click to open the form for payment journal lines.

  3. In the field, enter a vendor account that is set up for withholding tax. For more information, see (Global, AUS, ITA) Set up withholding tax for a vendor.

  4. Enter transaction text. When the transaction is posted, the same text is used for the transaction text on withholding tax transactions. You can inquire on the transaction text to find the withholding tax transactions that are associated with a particular invoice.

  5. Click > .

  6. In the form, select the check box on the line for each vendor invoice to pay.

  7. You can view or change withholding tax information for each invoice on the tab. For example, you can change information in the field.

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