In organizations that use centralized payment processing, each operating company manages its own invoices payable information and payments to vendors are generated from a central company, called the payment company. Use this procedure to select invoices to pay. For more information, see Pay vendor invoices by using a payment proposal.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a journal and click . For information about how to create a journal, see Create and validate a journal and journal lines.

  3. In the form, click > .

  4. In the form, select the type of payment proposal that you want to create in the field.

  5. Enter a range of payment dates to include in the payment proposal.

  6. Select the check box.

    Note Note

    By default, the payment proposal includes invoices for all companies that are included within the virtual company that is set up for centralized payments. If necessary, you can click and use the tab to select a subset of companies whose invoices you want to include in the payment proposal.

  7. To create a separate payment for each vendor account in each company, select the check box.

    To create a single payment for each vendor account that includes invoices for that vendor in all selected companies, clear this check box.

  8. You can select a default offset account type and a default offset account.

    Note Note

    If you do not select an account type, the account type for each payment is based on the method of payment.

  9. Add other criteria as appropriate in the other fields in this form, and click OK.

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