1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a journal, and click to open the form for payment journal lines. See Create and validate a journal and journal linesfor more information about creating journals.

  3. In the form, click > .

  4. In the form, select the type of payment proposal that you want to create in the field. You can choose to create the proposal by due date, by cash discount date, or by both due date and cash discount date.

  5. To make payments on behalf of other companies within your organization, select options in the field group. For more information, see Select invoices to pay on behalf of multiple companies.

  6. Add other criteria as appropriate in the other fields in this form, and click OK.

    Payment proposal lines that were generated based on your criteria appear in the pane of the form. When you select a payment proposal line, you can view the open invoice transactions that contribute to the payment proposal line in the pane.

  7. Inspect each proposal line and the associated open transactions, and verify that they are ready for settlement. For example, you can delete an open invoice from the list of open transaction lines if you do not yet want to pay the invoice. To delete a line, position the cursor in the line and press ALT+F9.

    Note Note

    To change fields on several lines in one operation, select the lines, click , and enter the values that you want to use.

  8. When you have inspected all the lines that are proposed, click to transfer the proposal lines to the payment journal.

  9. The payment lines appear in the form with the correct invoice information. You can continue to edit the lines in the payment journal, if necessary.

  10. Verify the balances of company bank accounts to be sure that the payments can be made. To see the balances, click > .

  11. Click > to generate the payments, such as checks for vendors.

  12. When you are satisfied, click to validate the payment lines, and then click > .

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